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Saturday, January 29, 2005

While driving to a bridge game yesterday I heard a report on CBS radio ("No faked documents for over four months now!") on the "gap between rich and poor" -- in North Korea. As I did not know that Communist countries were host to Nieman Marcus, plastic surgeons, and psychiatrists for pets, I listened further. It seems that Pyongyang has decreased food rations for its populace, so the World Bank is calling on charity to be sent to the North Korean regime, the better to enable them to build uranium centrifuges and rocket motors.

Sending food aid to a totalitarian regime that starves people is morally equivalent to endowing an effort to send bandages and liniment to men who beat their wives. And what's up with this "gap between rich and poor" drivel, anyway? Wouldn't a more accurate description be "gap between masters and slaves?"

But it does seem like the Impartial Media has missed a trick by failing to use Reagan-era liberal whining to frame other stories. Imagine the possibilities:

Heightened budget deficits became more likely in Rwanda after the Hutu-led government murdered hundreds of thousands of Tutsi -- which decreased the number of taxpayers while adding to the cost of federal funeral programs.

China's homeless population continued to gather in Tienamin Square today ...

Fears of a growing military-industrial complex were raised when it was discovered that Saddam Hussein's regime had fed dissidents into industrial shredders.

(Speaking of Saddam Hussein, betcha one 80's rewind moment you won't hear the media mention is the Nuclear Freeze movement.)



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