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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Our Burgers Suck. Would You Like Just the Fries and a Shake?

Powerline linked to this amusing Jack Kelly anecdote of a Los Angeles Times service representative who believes that when it comes to selling his paper, less is more:

When the Web logger Laer ("Cheat Seeking Missiles") called to cancel his 25-year subscription to the Los Angeles Times last Monday, he was made an extraordinary offer. The circulation service rep, detecting that he was fed up with the paper's liberal bias, offered to sell him the newspaper without the news sections. Laer was thunderstruck.

"How often must the beleaguered circulation department ... be dealing with calls like mine, for them to come up with a special like this?" he wrote. (On Wednesday, an LA Times exec wrote back, denying that the Times sells partial copies of the paper, but thanking Laer "for bringing this to our attention.")

Strange doings, but then we all know what a great job the LA Times has done leveraging its monopoly. (The first link gives the Times' circulation as 900,000. There are nearly 15 million people in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.)



Yes, but 14.1M don't read english... :P

Paul Hepburn

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