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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Today is March 6th, which is February 34th. My last post was February 20th, so it's been a full two weeks since I last updated my blog.

On Wednesday the 16th I started to feel a bit run-down. By Friday afternoon I was staring vacantly at my monitor. That was President's Day weekend, and for three days I left the house once, to the restaurant around the corner to pick up dinner. I felt tired and sore and had developed a deep cough (my abdominal muscles got quite a workout). I was coughing up lots of nasty stuff, though in med-speak this is a productive cough. (I would call it a disgusting cough.)

I stayed home Tuesday and went into work Wednesday through Friday. Big mistake; I was still not feeling well. I tired myself out with social activities on Thursday and Friday evenings, so Saturday was another day spent in bed. While I didn't feel any better, at least I was sleeping 11-12 hours a night.

Sunday I attended a friend's wedding. During the ceremony I had a coughing attack and rushed out, mortified, to the bathroom until it subsided. On Monday I saw a doctor, who said I had caught a virus and would have to wait it out. Finally last Tuesday I woke up and had some energy. I bounced out of bed to make some coffee. I was still sleeping much more than usual and had a residual cough and sniffle.

So that's my excuse. What has happened during my two week vacation on the influenza plan?

  • Syrian Baathists have come under attack from hot Lebanese babes.
  • Freed Italian hostage and Communist journalist Giuliana Sgrena was shot at when her car was en route to the airport. She claimed Americans deliberately targeted her. (I plan to blog more on this later.)
  • Spring training has started; see your favorite baseball blogger for reports. Apparently pitchers don't try very hard during these games. Every score I've seen has been something like 9-8.
  • You can type "weather" and a zip code or town name into Google to get weather reports with cute graphics.



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