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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Whatever else you might say about America's Perpetual Protestors, at least they are waving placards, bobbing puppets, and emitting body odor in a Flight A event. Contrast those who mobilized in San Francisco two years ago to demand that Iraqis, Lebanese, et al not be liberated to imbecilic twerps who harassed Prince Charles at the ass end of nowhere:

Prince Charles rebuffed bare-breasted protesters, ignored abusive anti-monarchists and battled a cold blast on a whirlwind visit to Wellington yesterday.

Two women were arrested after a topless display before the prince in Civic Square as they protested against colonisation and for the right to breast cancer screening.

Well that makes a lot of sense. Because if you're as bone-white as the featured protester (warning: photo is safe for work and rather grungy), obviously the English have a lot to answer for against your native peoples.

And we all know how Prince Charles and his Special Action Squad travel the world busting (sorry) up mammograms.

The incident came on the Prince of Wales' second day in the capital, where he visited the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, Civic Square and the City Gallery, and Te Omanga Hospice in Lower Hutt.

Protesters Hanah Plante, 22, and Holly Emma Goldman were arrested after exposing their breasts. Plante had "Get your colonisation shame off my breasts" written across her chest and later said she was protesting against colonialism, which meant women could no longer go bare-breasted.

If you have to explain your protest, and you still sound incoherent, then maybe your protest didn't accomplish much.

Except to get people to say "Eww, get your chubby belly shame off my monitor."

Goldman, carrying a small child, was hauled away by police moments before the prince would have been confronted by her as he greeted a line of wellwishers. Bare from the waist up, she shouted: "I just want to feed my baby."

No no, that's Prince Andrew who assassinates mothers in the act of feeding their young. Chuck suppresses the mammograms.

Both women were angry a breast screening van had been removed from Civic Square for Prince Charles' visit.

And a hot dog vendor was removed too. Prince Charles starves Kiwis!



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