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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More wisdom from the solons of the San Jose Mercury News Letters Page. (Listen to me, I'm turning into R. Emmet Tyrell.)

Aid worker was a true hero

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Marla Ruzicka's tragic death in Iraq on Saturday. As the founder of the humanitarian aid organization Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict (CIVIC), Ruzicka championed human rights for people across the globe. She retained the courage to actually live in Iraq,

Is anyone else actually courageous enough to actually live in Iraq?

Oh, yeah, around 25 million Iraqis.

the fortitude to work 15-hour days to count the civilian deaths of the war,

What, is there some Cross of the Undertaker for accurately tabulating deaths? Will someone make a movie about a tireless civilian death counter?

"No, Saleem! You're not going to die on my watch! Not until I get a new sheet of paper and a refill for my mechanical pencil!"

and the compassion to care for innocent Iraqis ravaged by the U.S. invasion and continuing occupation.

Silly me, I thought innocent Iraqis were ravaged by Saddam and his Baathist leftovers.

You know, the same people who killed Ms. Ruzicka in a suicide bombing.

It is relatively easy for U.S. troops with armor and tanks to fight an illegal war,

"Sarge, are those bullets dangerous?"

"Nothing to worry about, Private. Those terrorists can't hurt us because this is an illegal war."

but only a select few in our society, like Marla Ruzicka, truly deserve the honor of the much overused title: a true American hero.

Ricky Alexander
Redwood City

I have nothing against Ms. Ruzicka, and it's hardly her fault that Ricky Alexander is a moonbat. But American soldiers have done more for the Iraqi people than any international aid organization.

City's spirit is in historic buildings

I agree with San Jose Planning Commissioner Jay James regarding the old Del Monte cannery site: ``A city that doesn't have the desire to preserve its history is a city without a heart'' (Page 1B, April 18).

So when Jay James won't let developers give a few hundred people homes, it's because he has a big ol' heart! Who knew?

I live in Willow Glen. What if we all just tore down our old homes and built modern ones? We certainly have the right to do that, but it certainly wouldn't be Willow Glen anymore, would it?

And Willow Glen has to look the same for all eternity?

Many of the spirits inhabiting our old homes actually worked in that cannery, helping to produce the food products that the entire world has enjoyed, sustaining human life.

The "spirits?"

You mean like ghosts? Do they roam Willow Glen in the middle of the night, canning things?

Imagine the sheer enjoyment of real, soft and wet apricots in the middle of January, anywhere in the world.

Ew. Wet apricots? Give me a towel.

And these were grown right here in the Valley of Heart's Delight. Try salt-and-peppering a bowl of computer chips and having them for lunch.

Um ... no thanks.

You've seen one condo, you've seen them all.

Gary Jansen
San Jose

Let's knock down all the other two million houses in the Bay Area, because Gary Jansen finds them tiresome.

As media roll over, blogs take on Bush

It's interesting to see the so-called mainstream media tearing their hair out over whether bloggers can be considered journalists (Op-Ed, April 18). As a current-events junkie all my life, I never imagined the day when mainstream media outlets would roll over and play dead in the face of such rank hypocrisy and incompetence as we have seen from the Bush administration. Having always sought a variety of views to ensure I had a complete picture, I find that I no longer watch or subscribe to what I used to consider mainstream outlets. Instead, I get all my daily news from the Internet, supplemented with a healthy dose of blogs.

Try salt-and-peppering a bowl of those blogs, commie.

Traditional journalists like to talk about the ``standards'' of their profession. However, when such standards aid and abet a rush to war, facilitate smear campaigns against major political candidates and enable the spread of disinformation in ways that would make an old Pravda hack proud, it's time to seek the objective truth elsewhere.

Rachel Sumi
San Jose

Yeah, that pro-Republican national media. I hear that Dan Rather is about to call Ohio for Bush!

Adding H-1B visas hurts economy

Homeland Security allowed 10,000 more Indian contractors to come into Silicon Valley to replace American workers. Companies like Intel, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Sun Microsystems and other IT firms lobbied to increase the H-1B visa cap from 65,000 to 85,000.

These firms have shed more than 238,000 American IT workers in the past three years so they can hire Indians who flow into our country at lower wages and take over our jobs. Zoe Lofgren's bill allowed more than 100,000 H-1B visa holders to freely flow into Silicon Valley each year in the late 1990s. They stayed, and they brought in their families and then decided to start companies, which hired more Indians.

Don't people in Washington understand that they are killing the economy? We are still suffering today because of politicians who believe that globalization and diversity are good for our people.

Richard T. Wozniak Kusiolek
Mountain View

So, do you have a point? Other than that you hate Indian people?



Re Richard T. Wozniak Kusiolek's comments:

Let me see, Silicon Valley is hiring Indians for IT positions for less pay. That would tend to increase profits which, the last time I checked is the American way.

The Indians must be taking low salaries because IT work is menial (sort of "Asian wetbacks," well, if you swam the Pacific Ocean to get a better life ...) - oh wait, isn't IT work demanding, particularly of intellect? Hmm?

For myself, my tournament bridge partner is Indian and an M.D. My doctor is Indian and, miracuously, an M.D., and the pharmacist where I get my prescriptions filled is and Indian, but he's only a D. Ph. And I also have a friend and colleague in IT who is also Indian, but, the poor baby only has a master's. The two independent hotels in town are owned by ... my, you're quick (I don't know the degrees held by those fine folks). In fact, as I write this, I can't think of one negative thing about any Indians I know, but let's keep them out of the country anyway because they might keep an overpaid, less competitive person from a job which, apparently, they consider to be theirs by right.

By Anonymous Graypriest, at 10:15 PM  

Let me make it clear. (This is why this media of the internet is not a good media to express any ideas-for someone will find some offense) I do not hate Indians. I have worked with over three key billion dollar Indian Companies. What I was expressing was my concern that Americans are not getting these IT jobs. Since 1993, I made many speeches about my concerns over the need for America's Education System to be reformed; instead the politicians only kept throwing money at facilities and teachers, while California and American student test results slowly become rated lower than those of students in China. For the last five years, I have worked on outsourcing models. I can understand that our economy “feeds” the rest of the world. America is the number one Economic Power in the World. Many countries envy us while harboring a hate for our Nation.

However, I believe that my number one priority it to insure American families are earning the $90-135/hr rates versus another citizen from an offshore country. This process is harming Americans and their children from participating in a high quality of life. If you want to attack me for being an American Patriot or Nationalist, then so be it! I realize that the educational system in America has failed the U.S. IT companies, but then these companies never reached out to the American educational institutions to build the courses that would produce high quality graduates in IT networking skills as well as in Software Engineering. India saw the gap in America's supply and demand for IT workers and built an internal structure to create graduates who could immediately become software architects in IT instead of studying to become political scientist. I blame the archaic education system in America and the lack of reform in expanding meaningful IT courses. However, if the Demand was high, clearly the “invisible hand” of our capitalist system would provide the supply. However, the IT firms would not wait for this process and they built their own educational institutions offshore in low wage countries. This is clear fact. You can check this out for yourself.

So do I hate Indians? No, I do not. I don't hate anyone. I find that when people object to anyone's views that appose their own they are quick to put a label(s) on a free thinker and then they reach out for their own sense of superiority. Today in the environment of “political correctness” it takes a lot of strength to hold on to one's pro-American values. Today we American patriots are attacked routinely if we do not accept the diversity and globalization agenda of the U.S. Monopolies. It appears that we are being forced to live in this media world of "thought control."

I know myself. I am a decent and good man. I would like viewers of this blog to understand my views as an American who supports American values and families. So please, stop throwing rocks when you have not walked in my shoes. I have lived through the vast layoffs of Americans from IT firms. I have seen the broken lives. I have seen the suffering of American children. No one has addressed the 500,000 American IT workers who had their jobs removed in the name of corporate profits and huge executive bonuses. The homes lost, the bank accounts gone, the children unable to continue their lives. I am not an internationalist. I am an American!

If you want to know more, read my 2006 released book, "Angel." In the meantime, God Bless You. I sincerely forgive you for your lack of tolerance of others views.

By Anonymous Richard Kusiolek, at 9:08 PM  

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