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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Next Time, Try a Hammer and Sickle

Why are so many people who write letters to the editor completely and utterly insane?

Happy face didn't make his day

The crop-circle-size ``Happy Face'' carved into the hillside near Interstate 280 and Page Mill Road failed to cheer up this commuter. Once in a decade we are treated to a rainfall season like 2005, and to the intense greenery and brilliant wildflowers that last a few short weeks before the summer drought. Whoever destroyed this brief opportunity for all to enjoy is guilty of ultimate environmental hypocrisy. They are not to be thanked, but hopefully are being prosecuted for what clearly should be a crime.

Heaven forbid this was legal, with a permit issued for the defacing. If so, hopefully next time we'll be smart and have the highest bidder carve in their advertisement for bail bonds or something.

Kris Falconer

Or totally ignorant of history:

A dispossessed people

The post-modern Mexican diaspora can be said to have begun in 1848 when the sovereign country of Mexico was dispossessed of more than half its territory by the United States. This resulted from a pre-emptive war purely acquisitive in nature, a blatant land grab and a treaty signed under duress. Indeed, Abraham Lincoln, in the House of Representatives at the time, ardently protested the war as being both immoral and violative of international legal principles.

So now, the heirs of these land-grabbers have the gall to pontificate about the rights and obligations of upholding the ``law'' and protecting our southern border.

Among the laws of nature is the principle that water will always find its own level. A parallel law applies to a people wrongfully dispossessed of their land. They will always seek their way back home.

Marco E. Lopez

La Raza Roundtable
San Jose

The lands that America stole from Mexico in 1848 were almost completely devoid of Mexicans. You'd think an advocate of "The Race" would know that.



Not which to mention that the United States stole Texas fair and square with squatters followed by military might. That IS the way the game was played in the nineteenth century. Revisionists should:
. get a grip
. get a life
. eat brain food (or at least attempt
to use the tiny brain God gave them)

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