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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The San Jose Mercury News web headline this morning showed the Merc at its mainstream media worst, serving absolutely no purpose other than to advance Democratic party politics. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been feuding with public employee unions, and a few thousand of them marched in the capital and in a large, liberal city.

Why this is considered news I have no idea. But several hundred otherwise blameless words were wasted gushing about how Schwarzeneggr is losing support from a "skeptical" public. The usual halfassed attempt at quoting a contrary view was included:

``As wounded as Schwarzenegger is, he's still Schwarzenegger,'' said Jack Pitney, a former Republican policy analyst and now professor of government at Claremont McKenna College. ``As we saw in the `Terminator' movies, you can burn him, crush him, smash him, and he still keeps coming back.''

Why are newspapers completely unable to find political analysts who can provide honest quotes? Let me suggest the following:

``Whatever problems Schwarzenegger may have, they sure aren't caused by public employees whining about not getting paid enough,'' said Floyd McWilliams, a software engineer from Woodside. ``Arnold could put his limo into reverse and back over fifty of them, and no one would give a shit.''

Be sure to check out the second picture in the slide show. Let me know when Playboy announces "women of the public employee protestors" so I can arrange to have my eyelids stapled shut.



hey floyd
bet youre wishin you had drafted abreu. I'm just afraid that his back might be hurt. I mean, i've never hoisted 25 men up on my back and carried them for a month, but i can only imagine how much it must hurt.

By Blogger Micah, at 10:23 PM  

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