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Saturday, May 14, 2005

There is no liberal media bias, part 572:

The top left headline on Google News is a CBS story about Uzbek authorities shooting protestors. I would naively have headlined the story as, say, "Uzbekistan Shoots Protestors." The CBS formulation -- no doubt influenced by years, nay decades, of journalism school and professional experience in ethical and unbiased journalism -- is this:

US Ally Fires On Its People

I look forward to other similarly informative headlines from CBS, to wit:

US Ally Fires On Other People

US Enemy Fires On Its Own People

No, actually, it is not conceivable that any professional news organization would choose such a vague and uninformative headline. Unless of course the higher purpose of bashing Republicans and the War on Terror could be served.

(But look at it this way -- CBS could have chosen the headline Bush Ally Fires On Its Own People. So perhaps we should view the chosen hed as "neutral," in that it steers a middle ground between an attack against George Bush, and actually reporting the news.)



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