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Sunday, May 22, 2005

This has been the first warm weekend of the year. Friday was my wife Sherry's birthday, and we went to downtown Palo Alto for dinner. The town was a hotbed of activity; while wandering outside waiting to be seated we saw several squad cards head for University Avenue with sirens blaring. We walked down Ramona Street to University but didn't see any crime. We did, however, see about twenty yoga adepts on the other side of the street playing music while they marched.

We headed back towards Gordon Biersch and came across a demonstration marching down Hamilton Street. This consisted of about fifty young people, some dressed normally and some attempting the "pretend urban commando" look (black bandana covering the lower face, Che Guevera fashion by way of spaghetti westerns). They were shouting "take back the street," although it is not clear what they wanted to do with Hamilton Street. Shuffleboard? Roller hockey?

As the San Jose Mercury News reports, the march (and some wanton window-breaking) was "suburban insurrection" organized by a bunch of bored twits called "Anarchist Action." I quote as much of their snivelling manifesto as I can before nausea intervenes:

Every aspect of our lives is beyond our control.

Like ... you were predestined to march down Hamilton Street? Lytton Avenue was beyond your grasp?

From where we work to where we sleep, when we go to school and where we play, outside forces dominate our environment, and our lives become repetitions of the same meaningless nothing.

Police patrol our streets, global markets make our decisions, and we live our lives through television screens, spectating and mimicking.

This isn't a coincidence.

What isn't a coincidence? Should police not patrol the streets? What do you want them to patrol? Wetland preserves?

And if you want to stop "mimicking," maybe you could start by not repeating the same tired Spoilt Children Street Revue that has been a cliche for nearly 40 years.

All around the world, from Iraq to China to the Bay Area, people are being marginalized and subjugated by an invasive global capitalism.

"Twenty-five million people got liberated from a brutal dictator, and all I got was the fisheye from the maitre'd at Zao Noodle."

But survival is getting old - we want to live!

What are you, the Ramones?

There's only one way out, and we can only make it together...

Now you're the Alan Parsons Project!

Take direct action against boredom, rediscover what our cities and our lives could be, resist the G8 and Reclaim the Streets!

Resist the G8? What does Palo Alto have to do with the G8? If the Bay Area lacks good entertainment, blame someone who might have had something to do with it. Blame Billy Beane and Brian Sabean.



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