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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

According to Aaron Haspel I am the last bridge blogger standing. I find this strange as there are thousands of people who play bridge better than me, thousands more who are better writers, and untold billions who are less lazy. My newfound glowing pride has subdued my lassitude, and I present to you this hand from the Google bridge club.

Playing IMPs at none vul, my partner dealt and opened 1D. I held SAKQJ HJ8 DJ75 CQ8xx, an easy 1S response. Partner raised spades and we were soon in game.

LHO led D9 and this dummy was revealed:

S97xx HAxx DAKxxx Cx

Despite my 14 HCP, 100 honors, and partner's extra shape, the game contract was awkward. I didn't see how I could come to ten tricks if I won and pulled trumps, so I ducked and hoped that LHO had a doubleton diamond, or that they could not work out their entries for a second ruff. RHO produced the DQ, He cashed CA and led a second diamond to my DJ, which LHO ruffed.

LHO returned a heart, which I won. I played a spade and LHO dropped the ST! I had hoped to find the remaining trumps 2-2, which would let me draw two trumps and ruff two clubs, then pitch my hand's losing heart and club on diamonds. But if LHO had started with two trumps, this would not work.

So I nervously led two more rounds of diamonds. Happily LHO did not ruff. I pitched my hand's losing hearts to arrive at this position:

S97x Hxx Dx C


I ruffed a heart high, ruffed a club, led a diamond which was ruffed and overuffed, and was able to ruff a club with the S7. This left me with a high crossruff. This hand demonstrates how well one can play when the opponents follow suit up the line. A falsecard of the ST from two remaining trumps would have been a masterful defense.



All opponents should be so accomodating! How goes your game? Has the baby come? Do you ever call your father? Why is there air?

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