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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's a fun hand that came up when playing with friends last weekend.

Partner dealt and opened 1C. RHO bid 2H weak. My hand was:


I had an easy 2S call. Partner raised to 3S, and we were soon in slam.

LHO led HJ and I gazed at this dummy:

SAQx HAQx Dxxx CQJ9x

It was hard to believe that we had any play. Of course without the preempt I would take a heart finesse for a diamond discard, but that seemed silly after the weak jump overcall from RHO.

But after a few seconds I found another line that had a small amount of hope. I won the heart and led a diamond to the ace. Then I pulled two rounds of trumps with the ace and king. Everyone followed to three rounds of clubs.

I led a diamond and RHO won the king. Now he was hosed! He started with six hearts (which I guessed from the overcall), and I had stripped his hand of all seven remaining cards. He was looking at five hearts to the king, while my dummy and hand were:


SJT9 H- DT9 C-

I was able to ruff the HK, lead a spade to dummy, and pitch diamonds on the two queens.

This line is legitimate if RHO held any two diamond honors doubleton. And it worked when I caught him napping with DKx. In this situation it is vital to lead the diamond early; he could not have failed to unblock if I had cashed out black cards and played ace and another diamond.



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