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Sunday, July 17, 2005

In my previous post I spoke of the left's creepily sudden and overwhelming obsession with preserving the covert identity of CIA agents -- even those CIA agents who pose for glossy photo spreads in mass-market magazines. Think I'm exaggerating? Check out the indefatigable letter-writers to the San Jose Mercury News letters page:

It is a sad state of affairs when we have political operatives who will reveal a CIA agent's identity -- potentially subjecting her to physical harm and ruining her career -- to exact revenge for speaking out against the party line.


John S. McKenna
San Carlos

It is a sad state of affairs when people imagine that all employees of the Central Intelligence Committee possess some kind of magical anonymity, the loss of which immediately terminates an intelligence career.

It's also hard to imagine precisely how Valerie Plame's physicals could have come to harm as a result of being named a CIA operative. Because we're all one thousand percent behind the spooks, right? I think a declaration of undying loyalty to American intelligence agencies was part of the New Left's Port Huron Statement in 1962.

One of the most striking aspects of the Karl Rove affair is utter lack of surprise at the disclosure of Mr. Rove's participation in the outing of Valerie Plame (Page 1A, July 12).

Well, yes, there is usually a lack of surprise about things that no one cares about. For instance, today I had a complete lack of surprise at the news that the yesterday's high temperature in Lincoln, Nebraska was 82 degrees, and that the Wabash County Covered Bridge Festival has been moved to the last weekend of July, and ...

What can we deduce from this phenomenon? First, Rove's complicity has been assumed inside the Beltway for the past two years. Second, unless this issue was forced to become public, the administration would have been content to do nothing -- to take the moral low ground. ...

Nicholas Lefevre
San Jose

You mean the Bush folks don't police themselves each and every day, like the Clinton Administration?

The Republican National Committee would like us to believe that Karl Rove was simply being a Boy Scout when he gave Time reporter Mathew Cooper a heads-up that Charles Wilson's wife, a CIA agent, authorized Wilson's investigation of reports that Iraq tried to buy nuclear materials in Niger.

If it was just his good deed for the day, why then did Rove request (according to a Time internal e-mail) that Cooper not reveal that he or the White House was the source of that information? Boy Scouts don't hide behind ``don't tell who told you'' if a good deed is what they have in mind.

M.L. Breithaupt
San Jose

Do the Boy Scouts have a merit badge for Protecting the Cover of Our Intelligence Operatives? Might be a hard one -- it's difficult to get little boys to sit still and say nothing.

But wait -- there's more! The Mercury News now runs outtakes from Letters to the Editor filming as "Additional `Letters to the Editor'", with the following helpful disclaimer:

NOTE: The following letters are unedited and reflect only the views of the author.

In other words, you're seeing letters that are even less coherent and sane than usual! Put on a tin-foil cap and get ready to enjoy:

In 2002, Mukhtaran Bibi was gang-raped in Pakistan as revenge for an alleged misdeed by her brother that angered the local tribal council. In 2003, Valerie Plame's career as an undercover CIA agent was destroyed as revenge for statements -- by her husband -- that angered the White House. So it seems that while a majority of the free world angrily denounced Pakistan's primitive ``tribal justice,'' the Bush Administration quietly embraced it. Our tax dollars at work!

Margy Cassidy

Words fail me. I enjoy twitting the various people who make themselves look silly in public on the next-to-last page of the Opinion section, but this is not silly. It is sick.

Karl Rove has spent several decades engaged in dirty tricks against his opponents. Finally he has stepped over the line of legality and revealed the name of a CIA agent. This brings up the adage, ``You can't talk yourself out of something that you've behaved yourself into.''

I hope he spends time breaking big rocks into small rocks.

Charlie Elman
Los Altos

Um ... then what can you talk yourself out of? Isn't anything you do your behavior, by definition? (Of course, to Elman, helping Republicans get elected is "dirty tricks" by definition.)

Elman's generous wishes for the rehabilitation of Karl Rove restore my faith in human nature. Just remember:

  • All Democrats have always had the interests of CIA operatives foremost in their hearts
  • The preceding statement will hold true until the left gets its next wild enthusiasm, and will then disappear down the memory hole. "Instant blankout," as Ayn Rand would say.

Suddenly, the White House is mum on the exposure of the covert CIA agent. Is this because the perpetrator is George Bush's ventriloquist? Not to worry, Karl Rove is probably busy drafting the President's pardon.

Stan Fitzgerald
San Jose

It is ironic that President Bush has taken the time to publicly call for the release of some journalist jailed in Iran but cannot do the same for New York Times writer Judith Miller jailed right here in the U.S.

All that the President needs to do is ask that Karl Rove publicly disclose his conversations with the journalists Judith Miller and Matt Cooper regarding revealing the identity of the CIA agent. If Rove refuses, in one stroke of firing him, President Bush can uphold the law, the dignity of his office and the freedom of the press in our own country.

Rameysh Ramdas
San Jose

But Rameysh, if Judith Miller doesn't willingly go to prison to redeem our souls, how else is she to be beatified by Pope Benedict?

And from another batch of extra letters:

In Pakistan, Mukhtar Mai was gang-raped by thugs, under orders from her village council. They were taking it out on her for something another member of her family had allegedly done. Her attackers are now under arrest.

In the USA, Valerie Plame was gang-raped in effigy by White House operatives when they blew her cover as an CIA agent. They were taking it out on her to punish her husband for exposing their lies about WMDs. The White House is now trying to take back previous proclamations that there will be justice.

So why is the USA spending $180 billion to spread our so-called justice and democracy to the Middle East?

Au Nguyen, Santa Clara

Two liberals saying something crazy and using identical wording? Must be an email campaign by



It shouldn't be surprising that two liberal letter writers would use the exact same wording since original phraseology, let alone thoughts, if they have them, come few and far between.

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