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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bill Quick thinks the anti-war movement has had enough of the Protocols of the Elder Sheehan, and is trying to ease her out of the spotlight. This won't trouble the anti-war mainstream media, which continues to flack for Cindy Sheehan, and probably would reflexively for two or three weeks if she happened to repent her Bush-bashing, or proved to be Tom Hayden wearing a mask.

This particular unpaid advertisement for Sheehan's movement was published in Thursday's San Jose under the title "'Peace Mom': Spearhead of peace movement?". Everything that is loathesome about liberal media bias is on display: Opinion pieces pushed as "analysis" in the "breaking news" section, reporter Ron Fournier's wishful projection of his own viewpoints on the populace -- and as a bonus, the "Republicans in trouble" theme.

You can see "Republicans in trouble" at a newspaper, magazine, or TV station near you, during the spring and summer of even-numbered years. A supposed sage will use an "analysis" article to warn that such-and-such a governorship, or Senate seat, or state legislature is in danger of turning Democrat. In November, when the office in question is successfully defended or added to, none of these solons will publish a correction or any other type of self-examination.

Fournier notes that the peace movement held 1600 candlelight vigils Wednesday night -- the implication being that Sheehan has attracted mass support. Nothing could be sillier. The radical left likes to protest, and will do so for any reason, or for no reason at all. They have been marching, puppet-waving, screeching, chanting, and billboard-waving for nearly forty years.

(Forty years ago, America was majority Democrat.)

Fournier also claims that Bush has "falling poll numbers" and that "An AP-Ipsos poll showed a majority of people questioning the president's honesty." (It wouldn't surprise me if a slight distortion were employed here, perhaps by asking questions such as "Do you think the president has ever lied in his life?") But one public figure who is doing little better than Sheehan in the hearts of the public is ... Cindy Sheehan.

A Rasmussen poll found that Sheehan has a 35% favorable rating and a 38% unfavorable rating. Many people must sympathize with Sheehan even though they do not agree with her; thus the public has overwhelmingly rejected her views.

Remind me not to contact the mainstream media, or, the next time I need my public image burnished.



Yes, blame it on the liberal media, yet say nothing of the hawks' cries to go to war on misinformation and lies.

Say nothing of the President's lame attempt to connect Iraq to 9/11 once again.

Say nothing of the American lives and billions of dollars spent to create an Islamic theocracy.

Clearly, the problem is the liberal media. Thank you for clarifying this.

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