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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mickey Kaus links to the amazingly nasty and funny Huffington Post blog of Greg Gutfeld, Maxim editor. An example:

1. What happened to all the famous people?
What do you mean? You've got Cenk Ugyar, Hooman Majd and Dal LaMagna. Not good enough for you?

2. where did John Cusack go? We were promised Gynneth Paltrow. So?
These people are real celebrities! And therefore busy. The good news: the Huffpo is just about ready to restock it's roster with prime celeb bloggers. In the next few weeks we hope to be welcoming:

-actress Daphne Zuniga
-a well-informed caddy for an LPGA golfer
-one of the Baha Men
-Michael J. Fochs (Arianna met this man on a cruise and thought he was the actor. Mr. Fochs, who is an accountant, didn't want to hurt her feelings.)
-a survivor from the 280,000-acre Cedar fire in San Diego County mountains (it's a Cyamaca cypress tree).
-someone who has been to Africa recently and has promised to write about it!
-a Sri Lanken prop comedian
-the sassy black woman from Becker (Ted Danson is busy)

Ted Danson is busy doing what? Besides making me feel old, and sorry for Ted Danson?

Deepak Chopra commits scientific fraud blogs at the HuffPo, and Gutfeld is happy to keep us informed about him:

4. My friends laugh out loud when they read Deepak Chopra's posts. But I find the posts deeply spiritual. Is that normal?
It is normal if you're a rich, well-educated but confused individual who finds organized religion too difficult to fit into her schedule and far too demeaning to her ego-driven intellect. While real faith requires sacrifice and a willingness to look outside yourself, "spirituality" alone is internal, ego-based and easy to do. Spirituality without religion is like pretending you won the game without playing. Instead of contemplating God, you contemplate your navel. "And it's an endless, ever-expanding navel," Deepak might say.

[FLASH HUFFPO CORRECTION! In his recent post, Deepak wrote, "Death can be viewed as a total illusion because you are dead already." The Huffpo would like to point out that we are not dead already, even if Bill Maher appears to be.]



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