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Sunday, September 25, 2005

90% of the time I find Slate Magazine intolerably annoying. (The other 10% is spent reading Kaus or Shafer.) Slate is ostensibly a highbrow offering; it does not, as do Time and Newsweek and their ilk, publish front page articles about The Historical Jesus or the Da Vinci Code(*).) Yet the end result is the same: a dreary rote recitation of conventional wisdom boxed in by the stifling confines of a short article format. (I note that when Slate remembers that it is published on the web and can afford to post lengthly articles, the result -- such as the week-long Correspondence between two writers -- is worth reading. I also note that usually the authors of Correspondence do not write for Slate.)

Witness this article on Kate Moss by one Amanda Fortini:

There's no question that H&M's action was hypocritical. It's an open secret that models dabble in drugs, particularly cocaine. ("Shock; horror—models do drugs? Oh my God, the world is going to stop," Michael Gross, author of Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, said in response to the incident.) It's even sort of understandable: How else to stay as thin as a prepubescent boy?

Well that makes sense, because every skinny person I've ever known has been a coke fiend.

(*) When I reached the point in the sentence where I had to plug in the name of Dan Brown's vile brain-cell killing best seller, I could not remember it. What a blessed 30 seconds that was! I should have deleted this post so as to maintain my blissful ignorance.



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