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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Scrappleface mocks the defeatist media:

Iraq Constitution Approval Another Setback for Bush
by Scott Ott

(2005-10-25) -- In yet another setback for the Bush administration, Iraqi electoral officials announced today that voters have approved the new Iraqi Constitution by a margin of 78-to-21 percent.

This new bit of bad news will likely drive President George Bush's popularity ratings into the single digits, according to an unnamed expert from a non-partisan, progressive political think-tank.

Here is the BBC doing its best to find fault with this overwhelming margin:

The majority vote approving Iraq's constitution looks impressive - 78.59% to 21.41% - but the results hide a strong vote against by the Sunni population which was not far from derailing it.

Iraqi election workers carry referendum vote boxes
Iraqis approved a constitution and elections will follow in December

In the end, the Sunnis got a two-thirds negative vote in two provinces - Salahuddin and Anbar - but a majority of just 55% in a third, Nineveh.

One wonders what the numbers would look like if BBC funding were put to a public referendum.



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