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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Worries That Afflict The Rhinovirused

Does this Zicam stuff really work? It says "Homeopathic", which is to say "this product doesn't work and is aimed at morons." But a guy in Minnesota swears by covering your nasal lining with zinc goop. Maybe "Homeopathic" is a head-fake to attract the Whole Foods crowd? Can the FDA sue you for labelling a product homeopathic if it has ingredients?

The active ingredient is "Zincum Gluconium 2x." What's up with "Zincum?" (Sounds pseudo-Aussie. "Fair Zinkum!") Is Zincum a made-up form, like "copperic" or "ironium"? Will I be visited by the ghost of Asimov on Chemistry past?



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