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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Those easily-confused elderly voters who tangled up Florida's 2000 presidential election must have got involved in Olympic site balloting:

LONDON (AP) -- A senior Israeli member of the International Olympic Committee says London won the bid for the 2012 Games only because of a misplaced vote.

Alex Gilady told Army Radio on Friday that in the third round of voting, with Moscow and New York already out and only London, Paris and Madrid remaining in the race, one of his fellow IOC members asked to recast his ballot but was told it was too late.

"Apparently, he forgot who he voted for and wanted to change his vote," Gilady said. He did not reveal the name of the IOC member in question, but Britain's Press Associated identified him as Greek delegate Lambis Nikolaou.

Remember this incident next time you are tempted to feel a twinge of sympathy or outrage when a nation is described as "Third World."

Why not put the games (or individual votes) up for auction and be done with this nonsense?



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