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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Six years ago Alec Baldwin was the target of many japes when he proclaimed that he would leave the United States if George Bush were elected president. Baldwin failed to do so in 2000, or 2004, but I imagine that if he had chosen to go into exile he would have refrained from starring in a hateful propaganda film that committed blood libel against his native country.

Gary Busey did not so refrain; in the Turkish movie "Kurtlar vadisi - Irak" he plays an American doctor who harvests organs from Abu Ghraib inmates. (This fantasy is a common Third World urban myth; I first heard of it reported not from the Middle East but from Central America.)

By the way, if you want to see endless examples of disgusting chauvinism, hie thee over to to see Anatolian after Anatolian proclaim the virtues of the film and the vices of America. Videlicet:

This film is amazing because this film shows us what American soldiers do people when I; saw these scene ı shocked but ı know these scene is really American army did and they will continued future they are very bad people.Also This film show truth like who is the boss of American army.Illegel organ traffic,pitilessness of American army and show Turkish secret information department and Turkish people strength I suggest all world people to go tı the film.

(Could this fellow be Puce's long-lost Turkish cousin?)

Via Puce's keeper, Jim Treacher.



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