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Monday, May 29, 2006

The San Jose Mercury News printed an Associated Press article on the alleged killings of civilians in Iraq by Marine officers. (And the reaction thereto by Rep. John Murtha, D-Overstretched.) In the middle of the article, the following was asserted as fact:

The U.S. effort to win over Iraqis and others in the Arab world by fostering a democratic government was severely damaged when it was revealed that U.S. military personnel had abused and humiliated people held at Abu Ghraib, a prison outside of Baghdad.

Replace the first 17 words with "The Bush administration's effort to win over the media and intelligentsia", and maybe that's a statement no one can quibble with. As for the Iraqis and others in the Arab world, they have been the unfortunate witnesses of enough spectacular brutality -- such as when Hafez Assad massacred 20,000 or so rebels at Hama -- that they are probably unimpressed with the activities of the American military's amateur Mapplethorpes.

I mean, you never see a mainstream media article state anything like the following as fact:

Al Qaeda's efforts to win over Iraqis and others in the Arab world by resisting American power is severely damaged by that organization's strategy of suicide bombings that kill dozens or hundreds of innocent civilians.

Funny how that works.



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