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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boy, those were some great games. Argentina and Germany tied 1-1, then Germany won cutting cards, I mean on penalty kicks. Portugal and England did not score at all, then Portugal won the penalty kick small sample size. France beat Brazil by the whopping score of 1-0. And in the goal extravaganza of the quarterfinals, Italy crushed Ukraine 3-0.

Low-scoring sports are exciting because every point means a lot. I had dinner with Aaron Haspel of while I was in New York last Friday (he fully intends to resume posting before the New Horizons spacecraft reaches its destination), and he pointed out that soccer is one sport where you cannot mail it in, even for a fraction of a minute. Let down your guard, and the unthinkable happens.

But still ... three teams in the quarterfinals of the world's most popular tournament did not score. Six goals were scored by eight teams. A "comeback" is when a team manages to score one down, as Germany did late in its quarterfinal, in the hopes of coming out on top of a very random shootout. Call me a philistine if you will, but I find the world's favorite sport severely flawed.



There are undoubtably many ways to enhance the game, but the world seems to like it as is. YOU try to put the bases 91 feet apart. My pet peeve - the commentary... surely the well paid announcers could do better than simply call the name of the latest player to touch the ball or rail against referees.

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