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Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick analogy question:

15. Bobby Abreu is to winning as self-loathing East Coast fans are to:

a. Losing
b. Whining
c. Hating their best players
d. All of the above

RLangford described the trade that sent Abreu -- who was on my fantasy team in 2004, causing me to describe him as both Abreulicious and Abreutastic -- as follows on Athletics Nation:

Yankees: We'll take those salaries off your hands.
Phillies: He's yours.
Yankees: Here take these minor leaguers so it looks like a trade.
Phillies: Whatever, sure.

God only knows what went on between Yankees GM Brian Cashman and the Pirates when New York unloaded Shawn Chacon on Pittsburgh in exchange for Craig Wilson. Maybe something like this:

Yankees: We want Craig Wilson, can we have him?
Pirates: No. Wait, we're supposed to roll over and play dead for you, aren't we? Then yes.
Yankees: And you have to take Shawn Chacon.
Pirates: No, we don't want him.
Yankees: Have to. No Shawn Chacon, no deal.
Pirates: Come on, we can't afford Wilson. He's got like zeroes on the end of his salary.
Yankees: We're going to count to three.
Yankees: One ...
Yankees: Two ...
Pirates: All right.



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