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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Gawking At You, Not With You

Gawker felt the need to lecture us sternly thus: "Sorry, Reasonable Republicans, But Those Really Are Brownshirt Tactics." No argument from me. For goons from one party to beat up a member of a competing party, as public employee union members did a black conservative, is utterly beyond the pale of civilized discourse. And one is reminded of the brawling in the streets of Germany in the end days of the Weimar--

What? Fuck the heck? Gawker didn't mention Kenneth Gladney? Gawker thinks disagreeing with one's elected representative is a Nazi tactic?

I hope such extensive contact with reality works well for y'all in the 2010 elections.

(Note that Gawker lent credence to Speaker Pelosi's bizarre claim that town hall attendees were carrying swastikas. I Googled and found one news report of a conservative protester who used Nazi regalia to compare Obama to Hitler. Likely to persuade? No. But if it's evidence of "brownshirt tactics", then liberals who display pictures of Sarah Palin riding a dinosaur are promoting the belief that man and dinosaur coexisted. Sorry, Democrats, but these are creationist tactics!)



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