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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Recently I spent two weeks in Shanghai, China.  Before my trip I heard that the Chinese government was trying to replace "Chinglish" -- translations into English that are hysterically malformed.

So I kept an eye out for strange translations.  (As far as I could tell, the English signage was as bad as ever.)  But let's start with some bad Korean-to-English (Konglish?).  The otherwise exemplary Korean Air entertained our children with little stuffed airplanes mounted on a cord loop.  You might think this is the most harmless toy possible -- but Korean Air would beg to differ!  "Read carefully for your children" -- if you dare!
- Do not run the toy into an other people or live animal.

If your first thought was "can I run the toy into a dead animal?" you are a terrible person.
- Do not throw the toy (not to shake heavily).

Whoever wrote this didn't speak English very well, but they were probably a parent.  Because they know the sorts of excuses children like to use:

"Jason, don't throw that toy."

"But Dad ... I was just shaking it heavily, and it came out of my hand!"

- Do not play such as violent and rough.
- Do not bind out the string on the finger.
- It will cause unexpected blood circulation interruption.

Korean Air:  Great food, great service, might give you gangrene.




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