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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bridge To Nowhere, Fence Around Nothing

Monday I drove Jason to school and on the way into this classroom heard the ringing tones of a hammer on a new chainlink fence.

Today I took a closer look at it. Outside Jason's classroom is an open area leading from the parking lot to the playground. The fence surrounds a little patch of grass, maybe 20 by 30 feet, containing a sewer grill and a small tree.

There is just no reason for the fence to exist. The tree cannot be climbed. Okay, maybe the tree is from the Garden of Eden and will produce apples that give omniscience. But I doubt it.

California schools are broke, and the Cupertino school is forever crying poverty and begging for money. They make employees take furloughs -- Jason has no school on Friday. They beg for donations. They will try to raise my taxes at every opportunity.

Nothing says budget crisis like blowing a grand or two on a useless and ugly fence.



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