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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Days 11-14

On day 10 after my surgery, a Saturday, I went to a party for an hour. It took a lot out of me. But after that I started to feel more energetic. I was able to stay in the leg machine for 90 minutes at a time, I didn't need as much icing, I started to take showers by myself, walking became easier. On Monday the 30th I logged six hours on the sled for the first and only time.

On my third physical therapy session I pedaled on a stationary bike. I felt challenged just climbing onto the high seat, and once on the bike I pushed the pedal forward and pulled it backward, not able to make a full circle. Finally after several minutes I was able to make a full circle. We have a stationary bike at home which doesn't turn on, and we've been meaning to throw out for awhile. I pedalled on that bike, 10-15 minutes at a time 3 times a day.

I drove myself to that third therapy session. Even though I drive with my right leg, it felt perfectly fine; it's all foot movement. I also drove to Safeway to do some shopping. The driving went well but I was tired and in pain, even though I was able to lean on the shopping cart.

That day was September 1st, Jason's 5th birthday. I wrapped presents and prepared a fishtank, which Sherry had bought the previous day and hid in our spare bedroom.

It took awhile for Jason and Alan to notice that I was incapacitated. They had no experience with surgery or a long recovery. I explained that I fell off a ladder. This led to cute exchanges with Alan:

"Daddy, you fall off a ladder?"
"Yes Alan, I did."
"Are you crying?"

I had a strange dream during that time, I think on Saturday night. I dreamt I was trying to go to my softball game, but did not know where it was held. I was in a 7-11 on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, and the manager was trying to find out for me. Finally after much anxiety his co-worker appeared, and told me that the game was at Cupertino High School.

I've had this anxiety dream from time to time. It's a variant of the dream people often have where they can't get to their final exam. I'm always horribly late, and can never quite figure out where to go. But this dream was different. The Southland Corporation, after jiggering local softball venues, was kind enough to tell me where to go. I drove to the high school and was at the site, 15 minutes early.

Then I woke, and looked down at my brace, and realized I wasn't going to play softball.




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