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Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Month

Today is the one month anniversary of my surgery. My muscles continue to get stronger. This week in physical therapy we worked on stepping onto a short step and stepping back down. I've tried using my right leg to climb stairs, but I can't really exert enough force. While my walking gait isn't too gimpy, when I go up and down stairs it's a very slow process.

I'm continuing to walk several times a day. I also have a schedule of exercises, which I will list below:

1. Calf stretches

Lean my hands against a door or wall, with my left leg forward and my right leg behind me, straight. Hold this pose 30 seconds, twice.

2. Band pulls

Close a door on an elastic band, about a foot off the ground. Stand 18 inches from the door and put the leg in the band (which is stretched). Pull the leg to a straight position and hold for a couple seconds, then release. 15 times.

3. Leg slides

Sit on the floor with both legs straight. Slide the leg up till the knee is bent, then back down. (This is the very first exercise I did. It's easy now.)

4. Toe push

Lie on my stomach. Lift the foot so only the toes touch ground, then push the foot into the floor while keeping the leg straight. 10 seconds, 10 times.

5. Leg lift

Lie on my back with the left leg bent. Raise the right leg up to the level of the left knee, then down. 15 times; on the last rep hold at the top for 15 seconds.

6. Butt lift

Lie on my back with both legs bent. Slowly lift my butt and lower back, peeling my back off the ground. Then reverse. 15 reps.

7. Lower leg lift

Sit in a chair with chest thrust forward. Lift the leg to a straight position then lower it down, 15 times. (This exercise was painful and difficult when I first tried it two weeks ago. Now it's much easier.)

8. Wall squats

Lean with my back to a door and slide down (though not to a full 90 degree bend), 15 times. On the last rep hold for 15 seconds. Do this twice.

9. Calf raises

Stand on a stair step on the balls of my feet. Lower my heels as far as they will go, then stand on tiptoe, 15 times, twice.




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