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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Six Weeks, One Day

My leg is a lot more functional. It is stronger, bends more, and just feels more like my other leg, more normal. On the other hand there are lots of things I can't do with it yet, like twist my lower leg laterally. I can climb stairs ... though my leg is barely strong enough and the muscles around my kneecap get sore.

My gait is much better, some people have told me I look normal walking though I still feel as though I am limping. It's been over a week since I used my brace.

Physical therapy is going well. No more electric stimulation; we've moved on to leg presses and squats.

I wish I could say I was back to normal ... but the time spent walking and exercising means I can't spend a full day at work. Last weekend was very hot, and we considered going to the beach. But it's not a good idea for me to walk on an unstable surface like sand. So we couldn't go.




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