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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Three Weeks: Back To Work

On Thursday the 9th I returned to the surgeon's office for my 3 week checkup. He and his nurse assistant said I was doing very well. The nurse threw away the bandage, which I would never have to badly wrap again. And she gave me a much smaller brace made of neoprene, about 15 inches long with only two velcro fasteners.

(She also gave me an application for a handicapped placard. It was funny listening to her complain how long the lines are at the DMV. I've never waited less than 45 minutes when visiting her office.)

From the Palo Alto Medical Foundation I drove to work. It was good to be back, but I had to leave around 4:30 because my knee was getting sore.

The next day my physical therapist recommended that I do a lot of walking. So I took 2-3 long (30-40 minute) walks per day. Also I took the brace off while at home that weekend. I could bend my leg a little while walking, but it was still weak.




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