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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet The New Annoying Female Senator, Same As The Old Annoying Female Senator

Carly Fiorina appeared on Chris Wallace's Fox News show. He attacked her for 7 minutes on the budget, asking how she would pay for extending the Bush tax cuts.

So on the one hand, questions like "how do you propose to pay for $4 trillion in tax cuts" presuppose that all our money belongs to Washington. It's static thinking that does not account for dynamism and growth. Multiply the GNP by the tax rate and an exact number pops out. No one believes that HP could double its income by doubling the price of its printers and all other products. Why do people believe the government can do the same thing?

But on the other hand, I very much doubt that Fiorina believes any of this. She's out to get elected, by hitting all her talking points ("as someone who started at the very bottom as a secretary ...") and she can't even be bothered to say that the Stimulus was an expensive obscenity which she will not repeat.

But on the other other hand, 18 years of having Barbara Boxer as your senator is a very long time.




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