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Thursday, December 16, 2010

An addendum to my previous post about San Jose banning plastic grocery bags, and forcing stores to charge a dime for paper bags: The law highlights the lack of concern that the liberal overclass has for the poor. There is a paper bag charge exemption for those on public assistance, but no help for the working poor, who presumably have better things to do than tote cloth bags around.

When I was a child, the Democratic Party overflowed with concern for the poor. (Edward Kennedy even had his own strange pronunciation of the word.) I am reading White's classic, The Making of the President 1968, in which he enumerates the massive government effort to aid the underclass. Lyndon Johnson built public housing (which swiftly decayed into wretched slums), gave loans to students (who despised him), and funded elder medicine (which would later bloat into a massive expense, but at the time was cheap and popular).

Now it seems the vision of the Overclass is to pester Americans of all income groups to partake of the same values as the urban intelligentsia.




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