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Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Jose Bans Plastic Bags

America is supposedly a secular society, but it does have a civic religion, the religion of earth worship. There is no limit to the support that the state will lend this religion. San Jose banned plastic bags in grocery stores two days ago. Shoppers must pay ten cents for paper bags, or bring their own. Thus we are all compelled to show our love for the earth by bringing cloth bags to stores. (Can you imagine the outcry if a city council tried to force people to say grace before meals, or to eat only food that was kosher or halal?)

As is usually the case, the city council could not bring themselves to implement a simple law. Plastic bags will be allowed for meats and pharmaceuticals (can I ask to have one bag per piece of meat or ibuprofen bottle?) and the paper bags will not be charged to people on public assistance (one wonders how grocery stores will check for that).

Hysterics aside ("Justice has been served to a wildlife killer and polluter in California's Bay Area"), I have seen no evidence that plastic bags are choking local creeks. If Bay Area earth-worshippers are offended so much by the sight of plastic bags, they should clean them up rather than pestering me with stupid laws. (My home town of Sunnyvale is considering a similar ordinance.)

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