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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Somehow I Doubt TSA Would Go For This

Some things I did not know about the Hindenburg, from the Wikipedia article:

  • It was the largest aircraft ever constructed, being 800 feet long.
  • Goebbels wanted it to be named after Adolf Hitler, and was furious when the designer jumped the gun and named it after World War I hero Paul von Hindenburg.
  • The flying experience was just freaking awesome. It was a cruise ship in the air, with its own cabins, lounge, and smoking room. (With an airlock.) There was no rough rolling takeoff or landing; in fact passengers were often surprised to find that they had left the ground!
  • The various zeppelins were used for transatlantic flights. Frankfurt to New Jersey was 60 hours, and to Rio de Janiero(!) was 75 hours. That's about 50 miles per hour.

I did know that the monster hydrogen explosions are not as destructive as they look. The majority of the people on board the Hindenburg survived. The astronauts on board the Challenger died from hitting the water, not from the explosion.



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