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Sunday, June 05, 2011

This Is Why We Need, Um, Another Tea Party

Glenn Reynolds approvingly quotes "Tea Party Express" chair Amy Kremer as saying "you better believe we'll back Romney if he's the nominee." Reynolds and Hot Air's commenters would support anyone over Obama -- even a "syphilitic camel" as Reynolds puts it.

Obama is driving 60 miles an hour towards the cliff of bankruptcy and hyperinflation. The appeal of Sarah Palin, or Herman Cain, is that they will drive toward the cliff at 50 miles an hour. Maybe even 40. If instead the Republican party nominates a bailout-lover who implemented his own government healthcare, who promises to drive toward the precipice at 58 or 59 miles an hour, whom does that benefit? Other than Republican party functionaries and lobbyists?

If a Republican implements Obama's policies, Republicans are going to be blamed for the collapse of America. I could care less about Republicans, but the ideals of small government and capitalism will be dragged down with them. Tea Partiers should be pointing out that Republicans are mendacious scum, not trying to get another big government politician elected.




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