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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

James Donald points out that British police are not very interested in confronting rioters. The implication is that the bobbies are cowardly.

Could be true. But it could also be true that the bobbies are serving the interests of the state, which is not interested in suppressing riots. The British state is much more concerned with preventing any of its subjects, anywhere, from defending themselves, no matter what the provocation.

Were the guards in the Gulag cowards? Really, does it matter?

In a twisted way, the British police force and British legal system is a Universal Unitarian utopia. Humans are violent and therefore wicked. It is difficult to reform rioters, so the state does not bother. But peaceful middle-class people can be prevented from defending themselves, and thus from turning to violence. Souls are being saved, and human nature remade.

This is of course insane. And evil. But what can one expect from a religion whose adherents are atheists?



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