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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Republican Caught Advocating Smaller Government, Backs Away As Quickly As Possible

Cory Gardner, R-CO, appeared on a radio show in his home state and said something so obviously true:

"Well, I think there are some great ideas that would basically turn the Department of Transportation back to the states, because why do we have this system that says, hey, we’re going to just have you collect money, and we’re going to scrape some off the top ... I mean, it makes no sense to have this middleman treated the way it is ...

that he immediately apologized for saying it:

A spokeswoman for Gardner disputed that the interview with Oliver suggested the congressman would support dismantling the DoT.

"When you listen to whole interview it is clear that Rep. Gardner is simply saying there is a discrepancy in transportation funding and Colorado is a net loser when it comes to the money we get back," Garnder spokesman Rachel Boxer said in a statement provided to The Hill.

Funny how when the Democrats propose spending a trillion dollars on patronage, they don't apologize for doing so five minutes later.

The DOT is an obvious target for cutting spending. In Bastiat's phrase, it takes ten and gives back eight. It performs no functions that the states cannot do themselves. Gardner owes his position to the "Tea Party", to a reaction against the size of government; he wasn't beating an incumbent in a normal election year. And when he proposes an entirely sane cutback, a tiny reduction in Leviathan, he feels he must immediately grovel for doing so!

The Republican Party must be destroyed, even though its replacement will probably be just as bad. Better to have no opposition party at all than to have a fake opposition that muddies the good name of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

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