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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eight years ago I blogged about how Amnesty International was pissing away its credibility by abandoning its original mission, and pandering to its liberal donor base. Instead of documenting actual human rights abuses, Amnesty was complaining about made-up bullshit like "flying while South Asian."

I was reminded of this when a friend on Google+ linked to an interesting poster that changes when viewed:

The technology is cool, though perhaps a little creepy. The poster itself, not cool. Very creepy:

- The Left is fond of mocking and tearing down the bourgeoisie. Happy middle-class husband? Only for public consumption -- in private, he's a monster!

- Crime, in general, happens when no one is looking. Would we expect people to commit theft or assault when under public scrutiny?

And anyway, what is Amnesty's point? If domestic violence happens only when nobody is watching ... then should people be watched all the time? There is a growing trend, especially in Britain, to place the public under constant surveillance. The Amnesty I grew up with would have had something to say about that. In 2011, not so much; Google "amnesty international british security camera" and you'll see a jumble of irrelevant results.



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