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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Liberal Media Bias: A Test Case

For the past week "Occupy" protesters have been milling about Oakland, provoking the police, trying to achieve martyrdom so they can cry about how oppressed they are. (So oppressed, in fact, that the Oakland city council passed a resolution in support of Occupy Oakland, and Oakland's mayor gave its employees the day off.) Eventually they got their wish, and one Scott Olsen was admitted to the hospital after being struck in the head with a tear gas grenade.

On Friday "Americans For Prosperity" met in Washington DC for a dinner. They were not trying to provoke anyone, but that did not stop "Occupy DC" folks from invading the meeting, pushing a 78-year-old woman named Dolores Broderson down a flight of stairs, and bloodying her nose.

Search Google News for "Scott Olsen". Massive coverage on pretty much every media outlet. The top result has 6154 related articles. The third result, 1829 related articles.

Now search for "Dolores Broderson". There are precisely two links. One to the Powerline blog post I linked above, the second to Don Surber's blog in the Charleston Daily Mail.

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