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Friday, December 02, 2011

Eight years ago, I complained in this blog that Amnesty International

... used to be a human rights organization. They protested torture and murder by governments. My impression of their activities in the 80s and 90s is that AI would hold the West to higher standards, and did not consider extenuating circumstances (i.e., El Salvador and Guatemala were reacting to Soviet-backed insurgencies -- no one ever raised a hue and cry about Yugoslav anti-Nazi atrocities). But such considerations aside, Amnesty was even-handed in that it would complain of abuse by anyone, Western, Communist, or Third World.

That was then, and this is now. Amnesty has sold its soul to the blame-America-first crowd.

In 2003, AI was pandering to its donor base by criticizing the British government's report on Saddam's torture, and complaining about made-up bullshit such as "flying while South Asian." Eight years further on, AI has sunk to new depths, calling for the arrest of George W Bush while he travels overseas:

The human rights group issued a statement today calling for the governments of Ethiopia, Tanzania or Zambia to take the former president into custody. According to Amnesty, the 43rd president is complicit in torture conducted by the United States during his administration and should be held pending an international investigation.

Bush is in Africa to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS, cervical and breast cancer.

(By the way, is there any doubt that waterboarding would continue under the Obama administration if Congress had not made it illegal? Obama has continued to use every other Bush-era War on Terror tactic.)




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