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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There is no liberal media bias, part CCLXVII:

The San Jose Mercury News reports on reactions to Jerry Brown's disastrous plan to tank California's economy even further. (December 2011 unemployment: 11.1%.) There is exactly one quote in the article from a prospective voter about the proposed tax hike:

"I think it's our duty to take care of the next generation," said San Ramon resident Elizabeth Moore, a retired high schoolteacher who was one of those surveyed. "I'm willing to pay more (in sales tax), and I think the wealthy should pay their fair share. Where else are you going to get the money? If you need money, you go where the money is."

What a surprise, a person who retired from an industry funded by taxation ... thinks there should be more taxes! "When surveyed, Bob, a retired General Motors auto dealer, says he supports the GM bailout."

The headline is "Gov. Jerry Brown's tax proposal gains support among voters". Later in the aticle we find that while 68 percent "[s]upport Gov. Jerry Brown's tax proposal", 64 percent oppose raising sales taxes and 75 percent "[o]ppose Brown's proposed "trigger" cuts to education if the tax measure fails". (And this from a poll conducted by the left-wing Public Policy Institute of California!) Some support!

It's bad enough the Merc serves as a conduit for left-wing organizations' press pieces. They could at least draw obvious conclusions when presented with data.

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